About the Oklahoma Division

Welcome to the Oklahoma Division of US Fencing.

The Oklahoma Division of United States Fencing serves fencers in Oklahoma and northwestern Arkansas. The division currently has about 150 USFA members, though the fencing community in the area (including non-USFA members) is much larger.

This webmaster may be contacted by sending email to: chair at okdivisionfencing.org

USA Fencing Member Clubs:

Fayetteville Fencing Club in Springdale, Arkansas www.arkansasfencingacademy.com

Oklahoma Sport Fencing in Edmond, Oklahoma www.oksportfencing.com

Redlands Fencing Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma www.redlandsfencing.com

Tulsa Fencing Club in Tulsa, Oklahoma www.tulsafencing.com tulsafencing at gmail dot com

Tulsa Fencing Alliance in Tulsa, Oklahoma www.tulsa-fencing-alliance.org daniel at tulsa-fencing-alliance dot org


What does the Division do?

The Oklahoma Division sanctions tournaments at member clubs within its boundaries. The tournament page lists tournaments in the division as well as ones in the SW Section and national events. More information about tournaments will also be available at club websites.

The Oklahoma Division referee education for its members. The referee education reimbursement program offers a $25/day reimbursement for members first becoming a referee or for current referees increasing their rating. Reimbursement is paid to members upon successful completion. Requests for reimbursement can be directed to the current Treasurer and should be accompanied by proof of rating.



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